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Website Rank Checkers

Want to get a better sense of how your website is doing in terms of rank and visitor traffic? Knowing your website ranking is key in your efforts to try and boost traffic and see if you need to do any SEO work for your site. And how can you find out this information? By using the free Website Rank Checker tools, you'll be able to see the amount of people are viewing your site, using different platforms, including the amount of visitors for each site and the amount of unique views and traffic, including a Fake Page Ranker to see if a website is faking their ranking.

Website Rank Checkers

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker
Check the Alexa traffic rank for any single website. Alexa traffic rank represents site traffic based on data from the Alexa toolbar and private sources.

Compete Ranking Checker
Check your current Compete rank for one website.

Compete Statistics Checker
Check Compete rank, uniques, and visitors for one website.

Fake Rank Checker
Use the Fake Rank Checker to find out if a Web site is faking their Google PageRank.

PageHeat Checker
Check the current PageHeat website rating for a single domain name.

PageRank Checker
Check the current PageRank of a single website.

Site Rank Checker
Check PageRank, PageHeat, and Alexa Rank for a site.