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Search Engine Tools

Trying to see how your website or domain is stacking up against other comparable sites on top rated search engines? Looking to get a sense of how many pages are being indexed by these search engines, that link to your site? Then you need to be using the Search Engine Tools from SEO Unity. Each one of the tools in this category will allow you to instantly see the amount of indexed pages you have on search engines like Google and Bing as well as a preview of how these pages appear on a search engine and statistics on the SEO of your website.

Search Engine Tools

Bing Indexed Pages Checker
Check the number of indexed pages in Bing for a single website.

Google Indexed Pages Checker
Check how many pages Google has indexed for one website.

MSN Live Indexed Pages Checker
Check all indexed pages in MSN Live Search for a single domain.

Robots.txt Checker
Check for and view the contents of the robots.txt file for any website.

Search Engine Listing Preview
Preview what your site's listing will look like

Search Engine Saturation Checker
Check the number of pages search engines have listed from your website.

Site Spider Viewer
Find various SEO statistics and spider information about your site.

Spider Viewer
Discover how spider bots view your website.

Yahoo Indexed Pages Checker
Check how many pages Yahoo has indexed for one domain.