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Link Tools

This tools are all about analyzing your link content on your website. While each tool in this category is slightly different, you'll have the ability to look at data on backlinks, incoming and outgoing links, the popularity of links on your website, a generator that suggest link names for your content, and a link checkers that look at nofollow status and reciprocal links. Each of these tools is simple to use; simply click on the tool that you'd like to use, then read the instructions and insert the appropriate links or information so the tool can begin generating the information you want.

Link Tools

Backlink Checker
Find out how many total backlinks there are for any one website. The Backlink Checker tool searches Yahoo to discover the most current and accurate indicator of how many actual incoming links there are to a domain.

Link Analyzer
Analyze incoming and outgoing links.

Link Extractor
Extract all links from the specified domain.

Link Popularity Checker
Check the number of links pointing to the website of your choice.

Link Suggestion Generator
Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic of your choosing.

Multiple Backlink Checker
View the number of backlinks found in search engines for multiple websites.

No-Follow Finder
Scan a website to find nofollow links to various other sites. The Nofollow Finder examines all outgoing links for the specified website and flags links that have the nofollow attribute.

Reciprocal Link Checker
Check multiple sites to see if they are really linking back to you.